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Lasso Pictures / Lasso Productions

Greg Wolske is a producer, director, cameraman, editor and owner of  Lasso Productions in Columbus, Ohio.  Film, video, sound, and multimedia.

Tear It Up: The Rockabilly Documentary:

This film by Greg Wolske, is the first to comprehensively document Rockabilly music and recognize it as a separate American musical style, such as jazz and blues.

The American Teenage Hot Rod:

A short documentary film by Greg Wolske, commemorating the American teenage hot rod experience.  Several hot rod enthusiasts share their memories and their cars with vintage hot rod film footage and music.

Legal Marketing Results

Legal Marketing Results provides comprehensive advertising, marketing and production services for law firms. 

Wolske & Associates

A highly regarded Ohio law firm offering experienced representation in cases involving medical malpractice, personal injury and wrongful death.


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